SPORTING OVIEDO | The first important player that Sporting loses for the derby due to suspension: there are already 4 casualties

A moment from a past derby.

Sporting de Gijón will be without one of its best players for the derby that takes place this Saturday at El Molinón. Jose Angel Valdes “Cote” has seen La Romareda yellow and since it is his fifth warning, he completes the cycle and will be left without playing the match against Real Oviedo. The one from Roces made a dangerous foul in the front, and the referee Saúl Ais-Reig punished the red-and-white player with a card. José Ángel’s face of frustration was very symptomatic. The footballer couldn’t believe it. Ramírez prioritized not reserving players and gave Cote the starting job in Zaragoza despite being warned. Fifteen minutes were enough for the youth squad to see yellow. The loss of José Ángel joins those known to Víctor Campuzano and Guille Rosas, in addition to Zarfino. Ramírez is left without four players – for now – for the great Asturian classic. Easter is also warned. As Hassan.

José Ángel was being fundamental in Miguel Ángel Ramírez’s schemes this season. The man from Gijón has six assists and 1 goal in the League, and is indisputably one of the most important players in the project. The loss is very noticeable, due to the weight of Sporting’s 3 in attack and defense. Pablo García aims to be his replacement.

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