Sassuolo and Empoli, change to survive

For love, not to suffer, to start again. But above all we change so as not to die. Fiorella Mannoia was certain of it, singing like this in 1984. Changing to survive, changing to save oneself, to remain attached to hope, to simply remain in Serie A.

He did it there Salernitanagreeting Filippo Inzaghi to bet on Liverans. She did it Empolirelying on the business man, Davide Nicola. The did too Sassuolowho he sacked a few days ago Dionysis to try to find the square and above all salvation with Emiliano Bigica. So let’s try to understand who the new coach of the neroverdi is and, analyzing the case of the Tuscan blues, whether change is really good.

Bigica, the new coach of Sassuolo. Photo Source: Gianlucadimarzio

Discovering Bigica, the new coach of Sassuolo

A past as a midfielder, among others Bari, Empoli, Fiorentina, Naples. A present as a coach, especially for the youth teams. Bigica started in 2007, with the students of Novara, and then moved between Vigevano, Verbania and Bellinzago. In 2014 he arrived in Empoli, where he led the Allievi, then moved to the Under 17 national team to return to Florence in the Primavera. Here he wins, lifts trophies and above all launches a certain Dusan Vlahovic.

Sassuolo also liked him for this, for his ability to work with young people, and this is why he led the Primavera from 2020. Now the test of the big leap, with the most difficult challenge: that of saving a team that didn’t expect to risk so big.

Davide Nicola. Photo Source: Goal Italia

Nicola effect on Empoli

Since Empoli was sacked last January 15th Aurelio Andreazzoli and called to his bench Davide Nicola, he never lost a game. 6 games, 3 wins (against Monza, Salernitana and Empoliwith two direct clashes won) and 3 draws (against Genoa but above all against the Fiorentina and Juventus). The creator of all this is the business man, the one who a Crotone, in 2017, he scored 21 points in the last 15, winning against Lazio in the last match. What was repeated a Salerno, two years ago. “I’m never happy, we scored points yes, but there’s a lot to do – explained Davide Nicola – The fight for survival today involves many teams, I’m interested in the final objective, the single match is just part of the growth process”.

A process that Empoli seems to have started in a great way and which they must now continue to follow. If he succeeds it will also be thanks to those sitting on the bench. And the ability to know how to change, to survive.

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