Match stopped, death threat, resignation of Bruno Luzi… the dark season of the Compiègne football club

At AFC Compiègne, calm seems to have returned. However, the 2023-2024 season, the second in N3 since its return to the national level in 2022 after an eight-year purgatory in DH (became R1 in 2017), was to be one of all pleasures. By attracting Bruno Luzi, the emblematic coach of FC Chambly, who had taken the FCCO from the departmental games to Ligue 2, Philippe Tourre’s Compiègne club seemed to be able to reconnect with its past and the 3rd national level.

If the mayonnaise has not yet taken hold, it is behind the scenes that the Picardy club has suffered numerous gusts of wind. Like on November 25, during a match against Vimy. Unidentified individuals entered the Paul-Cosyns stadium in Compiègne and caused the match to be stopped, while the Pas-de-Calais players were leading 1-0. The Vimy goalkeeper was the target of lasers and a can was thrown towards the visitors’ sidelines.


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