Ricky Rubio: The Mentorship and Influence on NBA Stars

Donovan Mitchell loves it Ricky RubioEl Masnou’s point guard was as vital in his rise to stardom as he was for other stars such as Devin Booker and Anthony Edwards.

Spida, who shared a dressing room with the Catalan in the Utah Jazz and the Cleveland Cavaliersleft a deep reflection in the All Star about the one who has been his mentor:

“The most beautiful thing is to have been able to see him almost like a father to a father, to see the gradual growth off the track. On the track he has worked with me, Book (Booker), Ant (Anthony Edwards), Darius (Garland)… All Stars. Something I have to say is that it’s like a guru in that sense, but seeing him grow as a person, his family, seeing how he’s put it together that way towards the end of his career… For me it’s a full circle moment,” Spida told MD.

Ricky, mentor de Mitchell

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“It’s good to see him there playing again in Spain. For me it’s just the gradual growth, seeing such an incredible career, seeing him grow from the kid I used to watch (on TV), passing through Utah,” highlighted the Cavs guard.

“I have to be a fan of Barça For him, I will always give him love and support, he is my boy and I appreciate everything he has done for me,” he also said. Donovan Mitchellone more Barça fan.

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