Revolutionizing Sports Viewing: Betclic and Marcel’s Unprecedented Viewing Experience at the Adidas Arena

At the inauguration of the Adidas Arena, Betclic, in collaboration with its agency Marcel, offered basketball fans an unprecedented viewing experience.

On Sunday February 11, during a Betclic Elite match between Paris Basketball and Saint-Quentin Basketball, spectators were able to experience the game in a completely new way thanks to the “Betclic Cam”, an innovation allowing unparalleled immersion. in action.

A world first in sports broadcasting

This initiative, a world first for all sports, saw one player and two referees equipped with on-board cameras for the entire duration of the match. These images, broadcast live by the event’s official broadcasters, the L’Équipe channel and SKWEEK, allowed fans to immerse themselves in the intensity and emotion of the game like never before.

An innovative collaboration

This ambitious project is the result of collaboration between Betclic, partner of the National Basketball League since 2021, the company MINDFLY, specialized in the development of innovative technologies, and the Marcel agency. Together, they developed the “Betclic Cam”, an on-board camera specially adapted to the demands of basketball.

Immersion into the heart of the game

Thanks to this technology, fans were able to experience the match from the point of view of Bandja Sy, Paris Basketball player, as well as two referees, offering a unique perspective on the action, refereeing decisions and the atmosphere on the pitch. .

This immersive experience meets Betclic’s promise to constantly innovate to offer the most intense and entertaining experiences to sports fans.

A positive reception

The initiative was warmly welcomed by the National Basketball League, the clubs concerned, and especially by the fans, who were able to enjoy the match in a completely new way. It marks a significant step forward in the way of experiencing and sharing sporting events, bringing spectators closer to the action and emotions of the game.

Conclusion: towards new sporting experiences

The introduction of the “Betclic Cam” in the broadcasting of sporting events opens new perspectives for fan engagement and the television experience. By placing spectators at the heart of the action, Betclic and its partners are redefining the standards of sports viewing and highlight the potential of immersive technologies in the field of sport.

This initiative could well inspire other disciplines to adopt similar approaches, thereby transforming the way we experience sport.

2024-02-27 09:41:18
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