Controversial Finish: Knicks Beat Pistons Amid Referee Error and Coach Outrage

The New York Knicks beat the Pistons this Monday, the worst team in the league, with a lot of suffering and with enormous controversy at the end, which caused enormous anger in the press room of Monty Williams, coach of Detroit, and that the referees recognized their mistake after the match.

An uncalled foul by Donte DiVincenzo (Knicks) on Ausar Thompson (Pistons) in the final seconds of the game was key for the New Yorkers to recover the ball and seal the victory with one more additional basket by Josh Hart.

“In the postgame review, we determined that Thompson gets to the ball first and then is deprived of the opportunity to gain possession. Therefore, a fumble foul should have been called on Donte DiVincenzo of the Knicks,” the referees acknowledged after the game according to the NBA pool.

Monty Williams, coach of the Pistons, furiously assured the media that this was “the worst refereeing decision of the season.”

It’s an abomination. You can’t not see that in an NBA game. Spot.

Monty WilliamsPistons coach

“Enough is enough. We’ve done everything the right way. We’ve called the league. We’ve sent them video clips. We’re sick of hearing the same thing over and over again. We had a chance to win the game. They went after the legs of Ausar (Thompson) and they didn’t whistle anything,” he said.

“It’s an abomination. You can’t not see that in an NBA game. Period. And I’m tired of talking about it and our players asking me: ‘What else can we do, coach?'” he argued.

Jalen Brunson was the New Yorkers’ top scorer with 35 points and 12 assists while Cade Cunningham was the Pistons’ best with 32 points and 8 assists.

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