remote-controlled cars with smoke bombs on the lawn, anger rumbles in Germany (video)

By Le Figaro

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The Rostock-Hamburg match interrupted by a remote-controlled car carrying smoke bombs. Tivibu Spor screenshot

Ingenious inventions transformed German stadiums into battlefields this weekend. From miniature vehicles loaded with smoke bombs in Rostock to throwing tennis balls and golden chocolate coins, German fans caused chaos on several pitches.

On December 17, a vote was passed authorizing the entry of foreign investors into the German Football League (DFL). That day, 24 of the 36 German professional clubs and the DFL agreed to cede 8% of television rights for the next 20 years, in exchange for a financial contribution aimed at maintain the competitiveness of the Bundesliga.

Fearing excessive commercialization of the championship, historically attached to its footballing traditions and the 50+1 rule (limiting the ownership of an external investor to 49%), the supporters oppose the project and demand a new vote. A demand also supported by clubs such as Cologne, Borussia Mönchengladbach and FC St. Pauli (Bundesliga 2 club). Since the resumption in January, demonstrations have multiplied in the stands.

Massive disruptions across the championship

Last week, the kick-off of the clash between Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich was delayed by 10 minutes due to counterfeit bills being thrown. In other matches, fans have also caused interruptions, such as in Union Berlin’s victory against Wolfsburg, with a goal scored in the 26th minute of added time in the first half. .

This large-scale mobilization has affected almost every match since the start of Cologne-Werder Bremen on Friday evening. Apparently coordinated to paralyze play from one stadium to another, fans disrupted several matches this Saturday, even delaying some final whistles. Incidents which could be repeated this Sunday.



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