Preparations Underway for Selective State Championship in Judo Towards Conade 2024 Nationals

With the participation of 65 judokas from three academies, the selective state championship in judo was held towards the Conade 2024 Nationals.

After the fights on the tatami, the analysis will come from the methodological area of ​​the Tlaxcala Sports Institute, but the president of the association Miguel Muñoz Guzmán trusts that about twenty athletes will be in the macro regional.

“We have to count these same ones, we need to have the memory emptying filter and from the memory emptying we can determine, but we are talking about 17-18 athletes”

That is why priority will be given to having better preparation for those who are selected and thus have better prospects for qualifying for the national phase.

“Having captured these kids from a process at an early stage is in order for them to have greater training, greater integration into the team and so that we can be classifying the largest number of athletes that we can for the national stage.”

Given this, they will open an agenda to have exchanges with entities in the region every weekend before the macro-regional phase and, above all, constant participation in competitions.

2024-02-07 16:15:47
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