Pilar de la Horadada to Construct New Covered Pavilion for Sports Expansion

PILLAR OF LA HORADADA. The Pilar de la Horada City Council has put on public display the project for the construction of a covered pavilion that will entail the expansion of the existing sports center. According to the documentation published by the council, the works include the construction of a building intended for public use for the practice of sport, which will house a covered multi-sport sports court, which will contain the marking of seven badminton courts, two basketball courts , two volleyball courts and a futsal/handball court.

The budget to undertake this infrastructure amounts to 1,465,392.69 euros. It is a facility with a constructed area of ​​1,573.15 square meters. The project, however, includes the remodeling of accesses and redevelopment of the surroundings, so action will be taken on a total area of ​​2,800.80 square meters, including a cobblestone area outside.

The execution of the project, according to it, seeks to solve the existing lack of sports facilities in said municipality, providing it with a new covered pavilion within the Pilar de la Horadada municipal sports center itself in order to satisfy, to the extent possible and according to existing economic criteria, the demand of the population in the sports field.

Although this project has a social and cultural character, there are objectives, at other levels that must also be highlighted, according to the City Council, such as the use of the areas that, being reserved for common services within the municipality’s sports complex, are located currently disused, except for the use of the land on rare occasions to carry out motor-related activities freely.

The pavilion to be designed will have a use clearly aimed at the practice of sport, both federated and non-federated competition; also allowing it to be used in any other area, such as for physical education at the teaching level. The existing sports facilities are expanded to meet the demand with this new facility. Furthermore, due to its dimensions and characteristics, it will provide the municipality with a place intended to host different social or cultural events or events with capacity for a large number of people, considering the limitations of use not foreseen and established in this project.

2024-02-28 05:41:13
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