Pedro de la Rosa, on the future of Fernando Alonso: “Let’s be patient and see what he wants”

Pedro de la Rosa is one of the men who can be considered to be in Fernando Alonso’s close circle. The current Aston Martin ambassador and DAZN commentator (recently renewed along with Antonio Lobato and Toni Cuquerella) passed through Madrid to challenge a Renfe train driver, in an event in which he ended up admitting that his thing is still driving a Formula 1 and not a train. And after going through the simulator, in which he faced, among other things, tensions such as the fearsome dead man’s pedal, De la Rosa spoke to ABC about several unknowns that exist this season and the next, with one name above the rest : Fernando Alonso . And the Asturian ends his contract this year with Aston Martin, and after the gap left by Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes, doors are opening that he had not planned for. In fact, its continuity cannot be guaranteed, as he explained to this medium on the eve of the presentation of the new Aston Martin AMR24 with which they want to get their hands on the fearsome RB20. Related News standard No New training Fernando Alonso’s routine to be in shape at over 40 years old David Sánchez de Castro standard Yes Fernando Alonso, on his future “I am between Aston Martin, my priority, or my private life” José Carlos Carabias De La Rosa admits what for many is a more than tangible reality: right now Alonso has not made any firm decision. Not only does he have to see what they offer him in Aston Martin or in other teams that want to get his services, but also in his own feelings. «It is a very personal issue of his: whether he wants to continue or not. He has to decide it and when he decides it, we will see,” De la Rosa haggled when asked directly by this medium. “You have to be respectful of what he wants and how he feels,” conceded the former Arrows or Sauber driver among others. «He is in his best moment physically. It is a pleasure to work with him because he is a super complete guy, a super complete driver and he is also a leader. Pedro de la Rosa About Fernando Alonso If Alonso retires it will not be because the years weigh on him. Quite the opposite, says De la Rosa. “I personally believe that he is a bull, he is in the best moment of him physically,” he admits, and it is not only a question of health, but also in what he contributes to the rest of the team. “It is a pleasure to work with him because he is a super complete guy, a super complete driver and he is also a leader,” analyzes the ambassador. In this sense, he does not hide his desire: «I hope it continues. Let’s wait, be patient and see what he wants about his future. And whatever decision he makes, we will respect it, I personally, 2,000%. Desktop Code See this post on Instagram A shared post from ABC (@abc_diario) Image for mobile, amp and app Mobile code See this post on Instagram A shared post from ABC (@abc_diario) AMP Code See this post on Instagram A shared post from ABC (@abc_diario) APP Code See this post on Instagram A post shared by ABC (@abc_diario) The challenge of the first victory in green Regarding Aston Martin’s aspirations for 2024, after a memorable 2023 year (they quintupled the points of 2022 and achieved 8 podiums), it is clear that we still have to wait. «We are very aware in the team where we have to improve and the technicians have worked on that. Making a more versatile car may sound easy, but it is very complicated on a technical level. You have to give credit to the engineers and everyone who has worked on AMR24, and wait and learn from it. We are starting a very long season and the team’s development capacity is going to be key,” he says. Thus, on the real objective, there is no ceiling or a number of podiums. «The objective is to grow, evolve the car, close the gap with the car in front… We are going to fight for points, for podiums and, why not, for the first victory in green. That is the objective,” says De la Rosa.
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