NFL Competition Committee Working to Ban Hip-Drop Tackles: A Step Towards Player Safety

The NFL Competition Committee is reportedly working to remove hip-drop tackles with a new rule, per’s Judy Battista.

According to Battista the committee is “aligned” on getting rid of hip-drop tackles but is still working on figuring out the right language for the new rule.

A hip-drop tackle is when a defender wraps up an offensive player from behind or the side and then drops their legs, becoming deadweight and bringing the player down. Often, the defender lands on the offensive player’s legs, which is more likely to cause an injury than a typical tackle.

According to NFL executive Jeff Millerthe hip-drop tackle increases the risk of injury by 25 times the rate of a regular tackle. Last season, several players fell victim to injury due to a hip-drop tackle. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith briefly left a game after a hip-drop tackle. Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill and Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews both suffered ankle injuries due to hip-drop tackles.

The long list of injuries led Miller, who oversees player health and safety, to push for the end of the hip-drop tackle at league meetings in October.

“It is an unforgiving behavior and one that we need to try to define and get out of the game,” Miller said. “To quantify it for you, we see an injury more or less every week in the regular season on the hip-drop.”

If the NFL bans the hip-drop tackle, it will be the latest style of tackle the league has taken action against. In 2006, the NFL banned the horse collar tacklewhich is when a defender grabs the inside collar of the jersey or surrounding areas to pull a player down.

As the NFL continues to look out for the safety of players, banning the hip-drop is an appropriate step to take.

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