Harry Kane: The Perfect Fit for Bayern Munich

No, he did everything right

Harry Kane scores goals for one of the biggest clubs in the world, earns a lot of money, and football fans in Germany and throughout Europe are fascinated by him. Of course he wasn’t mistaken. He did everything right!

Bayern has had a lull recently, yes, and perhaps the club will remain without a title this season. But next season at the latest he will be back at the top again. Kane will play an important role as the number one attacker. So what are we even talking about?

Kane has scored 27 goals in 23 games for Bayern so far – an incredible rate. He can decide games all by himself, like he did against Leipzig at the weekend. But it is also clear that the entire burden of the pressure to succeed should not fall on him. If the Bayern bosses come to the conclusion in their analysis next summer that there is an imbalance and that further reinforcement is needed, they will react. Bayern always has the opportunity to exchange part of the squad and sign new top players.

Only one thing won’t happen: that Kane, who signed a contract in Munich until 2027 and cost 95 million in transfer fees, will leave soon. Bayern want to be successful with him – and it’s certainly the same the other way around.

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