Néstor Gorosito referred to the incident in the match between Chacarita and Tigre: “Brandan headed the bottle”

This Wednesday, February 21 on the court of Arsenal, Chacarita was facing his similar Tigre in a match corresponding to the 32nd finals of the Argentine Cup.

Unfortunately, due to an attack on a footballer from Funeral man, The match had to be suspended despite the fact that the Matador had a partial victory.

The situation became tense after the expulsion of Agustín Cardozo. Immediately, soccer players from both teams approached the referee and at minute 52, a bottle impacted the humanity of Fernando Brandánwho ended up lying on the grass.

Taking into account what happened, since TyC Sports They consulted Nestor Gorosito about the attack on the footballer. “It’s not appropriate for them to throw things, but the player headed the bottle. Look at the video,” the coach declared.

This statement went viral on social networks, where several users gave their opinion on this spicy statement delivered by the strategist of the Matador.


2024-02-21 22:43:40
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