NBA talent to strengthen Girona’s interior game

Khem Birch, a 31-year-old and 2.06-meter Canadian center, with an extensive career in the NBA, is the reinforcement that Marc Gasol has chosen to strengthen the interior game of Basketball Girona. As Chema de Lucas advanced a Ready to break it, from Movistar+, the agreement is closed, only pending signature. If this operation is confirmed, Birch will become the most expensive and most prestigious signing in the history of Basketball Girona, Gasol aside, of course. The arrival of the Canadian pivot will have to be accompanied by the departure of one of the two non-EU members of the team (Davis or Ivey) and the sacrificed would be the first, although the second is also not too clear about the continuity in Fontajau.

Birch, before arriving in the NBA, had a career in Europe: Turkish Usak and Greek Olympiakos, with whom he tasted the Euroleague. In the summer of 2017, he was signed by the Orlando Magic, who ended up cutting him in April 2021. From there he joined the Toronto Raptors, who that summer would renew him for three years for twenty million dollars (18.5 million euros). A year ago, however, they ended up transferring him to the San Antonio Spurs, with whom he never got to play more than 11 minutes in the preseason and who, at the beginning of this year, cut him for good.

Since then he has been a free agent and had been linked on several occasions with a return to Europe thanks to offers from Euroleague clubs. Now it seems that he could lean towards the possible offer of Básquet Girona, which he sees it as a necessary asset to strengthen the inner game, the path to permanence. Birch has therefore spent the past six seasons in the NBA, playing in 298 games, including 16 in the playoffs, between the Toronto Raptors and Orlando Magic, averaging 4.9 points, 4.4 rebounds and a assistance

With registrations for the Euroleague about to close (next February 7), and without any offers for him, a possible arrival in the Endesa league could be a good destination for the player, need to can be seen in a good shop window. And here appears Girona, which despite not having much more milestones than permanence, can offer him this and work on Marc Gasol’s most personal project.

At the moment Birch is not there and the club’s present goes through tomorrow’s match in Madrid (12.30pm) against the league leader. It remains to be seen if Katsikaris discards Davis again and what he explains today in the preview about the possible arrival of a new American pivot. After playing in Madrid the other weekend, Girona go to Andorra and will then have two weeks to prepare for the final against Obradoiro. With Birch, possibly, and who knows if some other reinforcements.

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