Men’s 3×3 Team Gears Up for Summer Challenges with Zaragoza Training Camp

Taking advantage of the break in competitions, the Men’s 3×3 Team will work from February 19 to 24 in Zaragoza preparing for next summer’s challenges. Pedro Meléndez has selected twelve players to outline the block that will compete in the next international matches.


Iván Aurrecoechea

(Guuk Gipuzkoa Basket), Javier Beirán, Diego de Blas (Bueno Arenas Albacete), José Blázquez (CT Tigers Bangkok), Guim Expósito (Pajarraco CB Santeliuenc), Gabriel Gil (Juventud Alcalá Escribano), Jordi Juanola (Homs UE Mataró), Nacho Martín (Girona Basketball), Isaac Mayo (OCA Global CB Salou), Unai Mendicote (Club Ourense Baloncesto), Guillermo Mulero (Melilla Ciudad del Deporte) and Fallou Niang (Grupo Alega Cantabria) are the twelve selected for the concentration in Zaragoza.

The Men’s National Team remained after the results of last year’s FIBA ​​ranking as a substitute team in the Debrecen Pre-Olympic. This means that if a European team gets a place in the Pre-Olympic 1 (that of the teams that have not participated in the last two Games in 5×5) or in the Pre-Olympic 2 (that of the champions of continents), Spain would occupy its place in the Hungarian event from May 16 to 19. In addition, Spain will also have to play the Pre-European Championship to get a place in the continental tournament.

Coach Pedro Meléndez assures that the objective of these days of concentration is “to get to know each other and lay the foundations for how we want to play in the challenges we have this summer.” Regarding the list, Meléndez points out that “we are in a renewal process with young people who come from the U23 like Diego de Blas or who are even still U23 like Isaac Mayo, Gabriel Gil or Fallou Niang.”

“Anyway, the list is still very open. On this occasion there will not be Carlos Martínez, who will be playing an important tournament for his team, nor Javi Vega with physical problems,” says the coach, who is excited to have Javi Bearán, “a player with extraordinary quality, who has been 5×5 world champion and who wants to bet on 3×3.” Finally, Meléndez values ​​the fact that the concentration is in Zaragoza, “because we will coincide with the 5×5 National Team and we will train at Príncipe Felipe. He makes me excited.”

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