mechanic disguises himself as a rider and is suspended

ANPThe women’s peloton has to make do without Cynisca Cycling for a race

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They thought they could get away with it, but nothing could be further from the truth. Team boss Danny van Haute and mechanic Moira Barrett of the American women’s team Cynisca Cycling have been suspended due to a special method of fraud. Van Haute instructed Barrett to disguise herself as a rider and participate in a race.

The story starts in July last year, when the American team wanted to participate in the Argenta Classic-2 DistrictenArrow Ekeren-Deurne competition in Belgium. There the team was supposed to have five riders at its disposal, but there were only four.

Team boss Van Haute then decided to make the available riders lie by having them say that the fifth cyclist was ill. The organization was not satisfied with this and indicated that the team was not allowed to start unless the fifth rider could still register and start.

According to the international cycling association UCI, the team boss then instructed the mechanic to change clothes as a rider and wear a face mask. She then had to appear at the start and sign the start form.

Suspensions and fines

Due to this fraud, Van Haute will be suspended until December 31, 2025 and will also receive a fine. Barrett will be suspended until September 2024. Cynisca Cycling will also be punished in its entirety. The team may not participate in the next race on the UCI calendar.

Van Haute, Barrett and the team can still appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the CAS.

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