Match summary: Necaxa vs. Chivas (1-0). GOAL

A Necaxa who does not believe in anyone in this Clausura 2024 put his ‘stay still’ at Chivas and gave them their second defeat of the tournament by beating them 1-0 at the Victoria Stadium, a duel corresponding to Matchday 9 of the MX League.

The Rayos remain undefeated and the Chivas have already gone 2 games without knowing victory, but they have not fallen since Matchday 2, so the outlook is good for Fernando Rubén Gago’s team, although it was their worst performance since the Argentine arrived at the club. red and white helm.

Guadalajara was controversially tied by Mazatlán FC and once again failed to win against those from Aguascalientes who, with Eduardo Fentanes, achieved their third victory of the tournament and reached 14 points, thanks to Diber Cambindo’s goal in the first half.

The Rayos have shown that they are going all out in this Clausura 2024 and came out at home to attack Chivas, finding Juan Antonio Paradela and Ricardo Monreal the most dangerous men for the locals.

And the first danger came from among them when Paradela received, took the ball down the left wing, tried to assist Monreal and ended up shooting at goal, causing Raúl Rangel to deflect it, just in the 10th minute.

Diber Cambindo had the clearest shot until that moment when at 15′ he left Antonio Briseño behind, surpassed Alan Mozo, shot across and deflected from the Chivas goal; Two minutes later the same Colombian finished with a header and again without good success.

How was the goal?

It wasn’t until the 28th minute when Diber Cambindo was able to open the scoring and put the score at 1-0 in favor of the Rays, by crowning a good play on the right by Monreal, he made the diagonal and faced with a weak mark, the South American sent it to save.

Necaxa continued and at 39′, Alán Montes headed in a corner kick and Tala Rangel drowned out his goal cry with a tremendous save.

Before the break, Alan Mozo gave a cross to Luis Ezequiel Unsain at 42′, and later at 45′, Fernando Beltrán received from Roberto Alvarado and sent the ball over,

The second half started with Chivas performing better. Erick Gutiérrez enabled Alvarado, “Piojo” hit him and Unsain saved him below.

Chivas continued and at 67′, Pavel Pérez recovered the ball and from a distance there was faith with a cross shot that flirted with the tie.

Little by little the Rayos woke up and it was at the feet of Paradela, who in the 68th minute left it to Heriberto Jurado and he had confidence with a shot that Rangel kept.

Paradela himself attempted his goal and at 70′, after leaning on his teammates, he decided to hit the goal and went over.

At 91′, Braian Samudio put Rangel to work more with a powerful shot that Rangel deflected, and that was it, so there was no major danger and thus the defeat of Chivas and the victory of Necaxa was confirmed.

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