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After 1 in the afternoon, the historic scorer of the Peruvian team showed his head through gate number 3 of the country’s main airport. He wanted to speak to the press, but the tumult prevented him. Almost immediately the men in charge of his security acted as a cordon around him. Already in the track area, Paolo took time to greet the fans, take photos and sign autographs, before getting into the car that was waiting for him and in which was his lawyer, Dr. Julio García.

“I don’t have a definition. “I come to talk,” were his first words in a brief chat with “Latina.” While it is true, the footballer has no intention of going to Trujillo after the extortionate messages his mother received – DT learned that he requested that the meeting be in Lima, despite the fact that the club had already bought him tickets to the city of Trujillo. eternal spring-, there is a signed contract involved that must be resolved. That is why Richard Acuña himself, president of César Vallejo, is in charge of negotiating with the forward and his lawyer.

Paolo’s presence was felt throughout Peru, but especially in Lima and Trujillo. Obfuscated by the situation, Roberto Mosquera showed his annoyance to the press. After his team’s last training session, the coach stated that they are waiting for a ‘9’, but when he was consulted by Guerrero, he decided to end the dialogue. “Thank you very much, very kind,” he said and left.

Paolo Guerrero signed autographs and greeted the fans who came to receive him. (Photo: GEC)

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What was said at the meetings

San Isidro was the chosen district. But the table had one more guest. In addition to Paolo, Richard and the lawyers present, Agustín Lozano, president of the Peruvian Football Federation, was also present. It was Guerrero himself who asked Lozano to be a kind of mediator, since his presence in the first friendlies of the Fossati era in the Peruvian team could be affected. “Whoever is not training will not be called up in March,” the coach warned days ago.

With Lozano in the middle, the two parties presented their arguments. Paolo made it clear that he seeks to understand that his decision to resign was due to a family matter after the threats received after signing the contract. But Vallejo always maintained its position of counting on the player and to do so they guaranteed him that he would have all the security measures in the northern city. The leaders of the northern institution were emphatic in emphasizing the sports project that they want to build on the figure of the soccer player.


The national forward has not played since December 17, the day he won the LigaPro of Ecuador with LDU de Quito in the final against Independiente del Valle.

At night they met at the home of Doña Peta, the player’s mother, with the same idea: to find solutions to the issue of the threats received from Trujillo.

The possible dissolution of the contract was not addressed directly, since Vallejo’s point is that the contract must be fulfilled and it offers the guarantees to do so. If Paolo does not agree, this story will have new chapters.

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