Looking for Yourself: Relive the Action of the Last Monumental Match through Crowd Photos


If you were present at the last match at the Monumental, you can now find yourself in the stands with our famous section.

© DAIANA PANZAWere you at the Monumental on Sunday? Look for yourself on the court!

Last year saw the return of a section loved by River fans. Its about “Look in the Monumental”where we provide fans of the Greatest with endless photos of the packed stands of the stadium so that they have the possibility of being photographed and left as a memory, and also to share with the inner circle of each of the spectators.

The cameras of “La Página Millonaria” were present from the playing field in what was a 1-1 equality against Banfield. We share the albums with you so that you can search for them in each gallery. The images will always be published in the “Photogaleries” section of our home as the games in Núñez progress. Share it and look for each other at the Monumental!


2024-02-21 03:37:15
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