Local Archery Club Shines at Interregional Competition in Maida


In the municipal gym of Maidaorganized by the local sports club, took place on Sunday 21 January interregional competition Of archery valid for AI qualifications Italian championships indoor Of Pordenone next February. The company of the Lido district of Catanzaro participates in the event with 7 athletes and at the end of the competition takes home seven medals. The girls from the women’s sector of the company climbed to the top step of the podium.

The winners

Oro in the compound division for the junior Vittoria Veneta Chiarella, in the Poerio Pierà Anastasia student class and in the girls class Samantha Falcone. Team gold also for the compound trio students with Poerio Pierà Anastasia, Fabio Ludovica and Canino Letizia. L’argento and second place goes to Poerio Pierà Edoardo in the senior bare bow division, and in the student compound division to Fabio Ludovica who confirms his score despite his young age. Bronze for Canino Letizia in the same division and student class. Good performance by Valentino Serafino in the master Olympic division.

Mister Pierà’s satisfaction

Satisfied the Mister Poerio Pierà Edoardo who accompanied the boys and the head of the youth sector Demasi Pasquale for the excellent performance of the young archers. “The work carried out during the various phases of the boys’ training always brings excellent results – dice Demasi – we have organized and planned with the technician Poerio Pierà Edoardo a series of corporate events to verify and deepen the sporting activity, in order to give our students ever greater motivation and above all technical support in their sporting development phase, also with a view to outdoor season now upon us.”

“As always, we want to thank the parents who follow us on these trips, Canino Giuseppe, Caterina Milano, Falcone Giuseppe and Garcea Maria who delights the young people with excellent desserts to celebrate the results achieved. Present at the event as spectators and young members of the Club Lido club were the twins Costantino and Francesca Canino. Satisfied – continues – also of the presence of the Magisano public who came to follow the young Falcone Samantha to his race”.

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