Leyma Coruña Emerges as Leader After Surviving the Curse of the Cup

J.19: Leyma Coruña survives the curse of the Cup to lie down as leader

Leyma Coruña knew that their visit to Barris Nord was not going to be a simple match, but Diego Epifanio’s men were able to carry out a demanding confrontation that allowed them to return home as leaders. The only visiting victory on a Friday night in which Real Betis Baloncesto and HLA Alicante exhibited strength in front of their fans.


We will have to wait until Sunday afternoon to know the final outcome of the day, but for the moment, Leyma Coruña will spend the weekend as leader of the LEB Oro after its victory in the Barris Nord in Lleida.

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It was one of the great unknowns of the day. Knowing whether the finalists of the Princess Cup would be able to put aside the physical demands of the event to be able to successfully resume their league path. And in that scenario, Leyma Coruña knew how to move perfectly. Although to do so, Diego Epifanio’s men had to work hard to beat an ICG Força Lleida that once again showed one of its best versions in front of its audience. A team that stood up for a good number of minutes and that tried until the final stages against an opponent in which the internal weight of Goran Huskic and Beqa Burjanadze was well worth a hard-fought victory (83-85).

In this way, the people from A Coruña were going to bed as leaders after a night in which theirs was the only visitor victory of the night. Because neither Real Betis nor HLA Alicante failed in front of their fans to achieve two valuable victories. First with that of Real Betis against Amics Castillo in a new offensive display by a Betic team in full growth (98-77) and, later with that of the Alicante team against a Cáceres P. Humanidad that presented a good image in the debut of Arturo Álvarez on his bench, but who lacked fuel throughout the second half, succumbing to a solid Edu Gatell (88-73).


Friday, February 2:
– Real Betis Basketball vs Amics Castelló (98-77) | MVP: E. Polanco – 21 points.
– HLA Alicante vs Cáceres P. Humanidad (88-73) | MVP: E. Gatell – 18 val.
– ICG Força Lleida vs Leyma Coruña (83-85) | MVP: B. Burjanadze – 21 val.

Saturday February 3:
– Bto. Fuenlabrada vs Melilla Ciudad del Deporte (5:00 p.m.) | LaLiga+
– Ourense Baloncesto vs Hestia Menorca (19:00h) | LaLiga+
– Longevida San Pablo vs Grupo Alega Cantabria (8:00 p.m.) | LaLiga+
Sunday, February 4:
– Alimerka Oviedo vs Ureta Tizona Group (12:30h) | LaLiga+
– Guuk Gipuzkoa vs UEMC Real Valladolid (18:00h) | LaLiga+
– Movistar Estudiantes vs Rioverde Clavijo (6:30 p.m.) | LaLiga+

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