Léleman wants to surprise in the Copa del Rey

The UPV Léleman Conqueridor faces its second participation in the Copa del Rey without complexes and ready to become the revelation team of this edition held in the Leganés Europe Pavilion. Today, starting at 8:00 p.m., the Valencian team faces Guaguas de Las Palmas, current champion of the Super League and who starts in all the pools as the top favorite to lift the champion trophy.

Marcos Dreyer’s team, which qualified for the Cup as eighth place, achieving the last place at stake, thus faces the League leader, Guaguas, in search of a place in tomorrow’s semifinals. Léleman faces the match against the powerful Guaguas, leader and current champion of the Super League. Melilla, which in the last light day surpassed Sergio Miguel Camarero’s team, showed that Guaguas is not unbeatable, a precedent that gives morale to the Valencians.

The European Pavilion in Leganés hosts a Copa del Rey that brings together the eight best after the first round of the Superliga, the highest category of Spanish volleyball. All, with the aim of succeeding the Herce Soria Group as the current champion that won the title last year backed by his fans in his fiefdom, Los Pajaritos. The winner of the clash between CV Guaguas and UPV Léleman Conqueridor will face off tomorrow or at 8:00 p.m. with the winner of the confrontation between CV Melilla and Cisneros Alter Tenerife, which will take place on the same Friday from 5:00 p.m.: 30 hours.

The UPV Léleman Conqueridor will have to offer its best version to overcome a CV Guaguas that arrives at the Copa del Rey with an outstanding leader in the Super League and with very high morale after qualifying for the quarterfinals of the Champions League in the which is being the best sports season since its refoundation.

The Canaries, guided by Miguel Ángel de Amo and with the signing of the Argentine Juan Ignacio Finoli, are a very solid team in which players of the caliber of Paolo Zonca stand out; the Brazilian Wallyson Becerra; the Argentine internationals Martín Ramos and Nico Bruno; the Canadian Graham Vigrass; the Spaniards Jean Pascal Diedhiou and Unai Larrañaga; and the current MVP of the Copa del Rey, the opposite Juan Pablo Moreno.

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