Latvian Players Shine in European Hockey Matches

Latvian Players Shine in European Hockey Matches

Rihards Bukarts stood out with an accurate shot in the third minute of overtime. He played a total of 16 minutes and two seconds, two and a half minutes of which he spent on the ice in the majority, and he completed one power play, shot on the opponent’s goal six times, accumulating a negative efficiency ratio.

On the other hand, Roberts Bukarts was on the ice for 15 minutes and 27 seconds in the winning team, playing in the majority for two and a half minutes, and shot at the guests’ goal three times, blocked a shot, reaching a negative efficiency coefficient of -2.

In another match, striker Eduards Tralmaks had an assist and goalkeeper Marek Mitens saved 28 shots, helping his Klado “Rytīrži” team to win 5:2 (4:1, 0:0, 1:1) against “Ocelarži” of Tršinec. .

Tralmaks assisted the second goal of the home team, when Jirži Ticháčeks effectively completed the majority. The Latvian was on the ice for a total of 14 minutes and 32 seconds, less than four minutes of which he played in the majority, and noted in the statistics with two shots, three blocked shots, one won shot, ending the match with a neutral efficiency coefficient.

Mittens managed 28 of 30 guest shots, shooting 93.3%.

Also, “Verva” from Litvīnova, represented by Jānis Jak and Kristaps Zīle, lost to “Sparta” Prague with a score of 3:8 (1:1, 1:4, 1:3) at home, while Ralfs Freiberg and “Mountfield” from Hradeckrálova lost at home with a score of 2: 4 (1:0, 0:2, 1:2) recognized the superiority of “Olomouc”.

Among the Latvian teams, the highest in the tournament table is “Verva” represented by Jaka and Zīle, which occupies the fifth place.


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