Kim Hyun-sook Shares Her Daily Life with Friends in New House

Kim Hyun-sook reveals the house she is temporarily living in with her son for the first time
Soo-kyung Jeon, San-ho Kim, etc… Show me your daily life with your friends

Actress Kim Hyun-sook revealed for the first time the house she is temporarily living in alone with her son while waiting for the remodeling of the apartment she bought at auction before getting married.

Actress Kim Hyun-sook appeared in Channel A’s ‘Best Friends Tocumentary – Table for 4’. [사진=채널A 방송 갈무리]

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Actress Kim Hyun-sook, who is active in the theater and film industry, appeared on Channel A’s ‘Best Friends Tocumentary – Table for Four’ on the 26th. On this day, Kim Hyun-sook had a badminton match with her 9-year-old son, and she showed a familiar appearance that can be seen in her daily life rather than the flashy appearance in the movie.

Kim Hyun-sook, who invited her close friends to her house, said, “We don’t see each other often because we all have children. And we’re all very busy. I think the people I’m close to just stay there.” On this day, musical actress Jeon Soo-kyung, vocal trainer Park Seon-joo, and actor Kim San-ho visited Kim Hyun-sook’s house. Kim San-ho brought a blanket belonging to Kim Hyun-sook’s son as a gift, and Park Seon-ju brought salted oysters and geotjeori made from Jeju Island and were cheered.

As well-known best friends in the entertainment industry, they continued to talk about familiar things. Kim Hyun-sook said, “During her first wedding, Jeon Soo-kyung said, ‘Congratulations on your first marriage.’ The words became commonplace,” making her laugh. Kim San-ho said, “I got to know my older sister through the drama ‘Young-ae Young-ae,’ and I am one of her many younger men. My first kiss in my acting career was my older sister.” In response, Kim Hyun-sook tactfully responded, “Sanhorang (kissed) a lot.”

Kim Hyun-sook continues the conversation by appearing on Channel A’s ‘Best Friends Tocumentary – Table for 4’. [사진=채널A 방송 갈무리]

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Kim Hyun-sook also revealed the story behind the house purchase. She said, “I am the head of a household, so after taking care of household chores, I looked for a house to rent, and on the recommendation of an acquaintance, I bought a house in this neighborhood. I bought an apartment in Yongsan in 2008, and it was redeveloped. I paid off the loan in 2-3 years.” said. “After my divorce, I lived in Miryang for a year and came to Seoul just in time for my son to enter elementary school,” she said. “As a divorced mother, what I am grateful to Ha-min is that although she moved around a lot due to her parents’ circumstances, she helped me adapt quickly and helped me develop my own skills.” He expressed his special affection, saying, “I like the house and am satisfied with it.” She also said, “Ha-min may not know the concept of divorce, but she thinks she should explain it clearly. If Ha-min wants, she can meet her dad whenever she wants. So she is the happiest now. “He added.

Kim Hyun-sook also explained the ‘girl head of the household’ remark in more detail. After her divorce, she was raised by her mother, who raised her three siblings alone. Kim Hyun-sook burst into tears, saying, “There was love for her mother, but there was also resentment,” and “After raising a child who was like a mirror, I thought, ‘She raised me because she was my mother.’ I was able to fully understand my mother.” She also revealed that her mother remarried at the age of 60, adding that she is “so grateful to her father. It was her parents’ help that helped Ha-min remain emotionally stable after her divorce.” “She stated.

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