Key summit in Gijón to unblock the “Asturias 2030” candidacy: the last bullet to save the project

Summit in Gijón to continue in the race to host the 2030 World Cup. Spanish Federation, Gijón City Council and Sporting will meet this Thursday to discuss the FIFA conditions that are required of the host cities and that, for the moment, it refuses to accept the municipal government. Federal emissaries will travel to explain these requirements to the host cities and whether their signature forms part of a binding agreement.

El Molinón’s candidacy to host the 2030 World Cup is experiencing critical hours. The next filter, the signing by the Gijón city council of the FIFA requirements, is 48 hours away from expiring. The City Council links this commitment to having, at least, a financing plan on which, from Sporting, it is assured that it is working. Conversations remain open. Also distant. The deadline is tight.

The economic plan continues to be the key and the great unknown in the midst of the countdown to the end of the deadline to assume FIFA conditions. However, it is this last section, that of the commitments for the host cities, that may cost “Asturias 2030” the first city to withdraw from the fight to host the World Cup. In the midst of the debate as to whether they are binding or not, the Gijón City Council wants to determine how the 150 million euros from the El Molinón reform would be distributed between the Principality, Sporting, private investors and the council itself. That’s to consider approaching the signature.

Everything, in a scenario in which the municipal government made up of FORO and PP, has already made it clear that the demands of the highest football organization “far exceed” the possibilities of the City Council. Among other things, by arguing that 50 million euros in organizational expenses will have to be met from the municipal coffers, which will be added to those corresponding to the reform of the field.

2024-02-21 19:40:48
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