Kety Justo Wins Silver Medal in Spanish Archery Championship for the Blind

It was the first time she competed in an indoor championship and her first Spanish championship, but Kety Justo from Lavia overcame her nerves and won a disputed silver medal. This Sunday, the young woman from the Arco Nalón club was proclaimed runner-up in Spain in archery for the blind. The gold went to Daniel Martín from Salamanca, a true expert who has already represented Spain in the Paralympic Games. Fourth place went to Cristina Martínez-Roldán. The Murcian woman living in Asturias and integrated into the El Clan del Oso club, from Morcín, played an extraordinary role in her first competition and even more so considering that she had not been able to train since last July.

Cristina Martínez-Roldán, prepared for the competition. | OF

They were both delighted with their results. “I have gone through a lot of nerves and a lot of anguish to see whether or not she would be able to do it but I am very happy,” said the brand new runner-up from Spain seconds before finishing the final.

The Asturian team of “Arco y salud”, of women with breast cancer. | DO

Kety Justo started archery four years ago because it gives her the opportunity to practice a sport “without help from anyone, a sport in which I can get to my zone, pick up the bow and with a few instructions be able to shoot.” “It gives me autonomy, in this I can be autonomous,” he summarized.

Athletes with acquired brain damage. | DO

With the silver medal around her neck, the woman from Lavia felt “very great joy” and dreamed of “going up little by little” until she reached the top. The dream: the Paralympic Games.

Kety not only won a silver medal, but something that is perhaps more important, the applause and recognition of the stands, with a banner included: “Kety, warrior, you are our goalkeeper.” She couldn’t see it, but the feeling was more than evident.

The Juan Carlos Beiro pavilion, in La Felguera, hosted the Spanish Championship for athletes with disabilities and the “Arco y Salud” National Trophy, for women with breast cancer, throughout the weekend.

There were blind people, children with autism spectrum disorders, people with acquired brain damage… In short, athletes with different abilities who adapt to archery in different ways. In the case of the blind, like Kety or Cristina, the key is in positioning. They have marks on the floor to place their feet and a ball on a kind of tripod indicates the height and position of the arch. Roughly. In the case of people with acquired brain damage, with reduced mobility, they can see the target, so they can aim with their eyes but use their mouth to shoot. “I don’t want to imagine what it’s like to shoot with your mouth, with the tension you have to do,” said Caridad Fernández, from the Asturian Federation. The president, José Luis López, was delighted by the response of the Asturian clubs and, already, he took advantage of the competition, perfect in all aspects, to demand more support from the administrations. The General Director of Sports of the Principality, Manuela Fernández, took good note and even warned that she would like to test her aim.

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