Joselu’s Surprising Success at Real Madrid: How the Forward’s Signing Has Paid Off

Joselu is surprising everyone. Or rather, to everyone except those who, at the end of last spring, opted for his signing. A decade later, the forward was finally able to see his wish of becoming a Real Madrid first team playerwith full rights. The market put that option on a plate after Espanyol’s relegation to Second Division. The doubt that arises is how someone in Valdebebas suddenly remembered the presence of the forward and thought that he would fit in perfectly. No sooner said than done. Not all are galactic signings, although as such it must be considered to a footballer whose arrival was estimated at half a million euros and whose purchase is marked at 1 and a half million euros more.

Strategic decisions are made with a lot of time ahead at Real Madrid. They are signings that are cooked up over months and months, of trips, meetings, calls and a lot of analyzing the pros and cons. It happened with Tchouameni, also with Bellinghamas well as with other players, incorporated some time ago. Did the same thing happen with Joselu? The answer is no.

JAS, Solari, June and… Florentino

When his name appears, there is a lot of work already done because the forward was known very well from his past in the youth team and even the white first team. It was perfectly known what he was like in football and personally. The truth is When the opportunity to sign Joselu arose, there was not the slightest doubt within Real Madrid. “Here we all sign, it’s teamwork,” they say from Valdebebas.

Joselu vindicates himself with his first double in Europe

The process is clear. The first thing is to contact the footballer’s agent. Jose Redondo in this case, he showed skill in looking for an escape in the event of Espanyol’s relegation. In some cases it is the representative himself who notifies the entity of what the market offers, as was the case with Lucas Vázquez years ago. The sports management (in this section has a voice and vote Jose Angel Sanchez, James Solari and June Calafat) to analyze its performance, its impact. Then you look at the operation, the pros and cons. There are more areas of the club outside of sports. The next step is to consult the coach. Ancelotti is informed that Joselu is coming to occupy Mariano’s place.

Everything is perfect, although the final signature is still missing, that of the president, as happens in all football clubs. Independence to work, but in the end The one in charge has to give the OK. Then came the topic Kane para suplir a Benzema, that had nothing to do with Joselú

When the player is unknown or rather, is not as well known as Joselu was, there are more meetings before a decision is made. In this case it goes deeper and the analysis is more detailed, but the truth is that With the one who was a forward for Espanyol there was no doubt. And the truth is that the performance and the numbers prove right those who, against the current, believed in what the former white youth player could contribute.

He only missed one game

Joselu has participated in all 22 League games, scoring seven goals and giving two assists. In the Champions League he has scored three goals in five games, to which we must add two goals and two more games in the Cup, to close the account with the two games that Real Madrid played in Riyadh. In total he has 31 games and twelve goals, although he claims the third against Atlético in the Super Cup. More for less, impossible. He has only stopped playing in Braga and it was due to an illness.

The opposite of what was thought in some sectors of the press, which questioned the arrival of the Spanish international. The news seemed incredible at first, but Real Madrid never hid the desire to incorporate the striker who had just been proclaimed champion of the Nations League with Spain the day before. Luis de la Fuente was the one who put on the map of the selection of Joselu and the forward responded with goals and good play. The consequence came in the form of a title with Spain and a signing for Real Madrid.

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