Jose Mourinho Reflects on Coaching Messi, Impossible Signings, and Special Memories

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El Mourinho less controversial and more reflective there is also although it is a less known version of the Setubal technician. In an interview with the channel YouTube Ohm The Portuguese commented on curious aspects of his career on the bench and referred with much admiration for the figure of Leo Messi, a player who has never been able to coach in his professional coaching career.

Asked if he would have liked to coach the best footballer of all time, Mourinho responded in a sincere and complimentary manner towards the current Inter Miami footballer: “For example, Messi has never needed to be trained. Who can say ‘I was Messi’s coach’? It seems absurd to me, because he knows everything and he was born with everything. Maybe he can teach you things. It would simply be saying that I had the honor of having him on the team..

Impossible signings

The former white coach has confessed a signing that he would have liked to make: “Then there are many players. To continue with the theme of Roma, I would have wanted De Rossi at Inter and Real Madrid, but it was not possible. I also wanted Totti at Inter, despite his age, it was not possible. “They are always players you want to coach throughout your career.”

your best memory

Mourinho won two Champions Leagues, one with Porto and another with Inter, but when asked about his most special victory, ‘the special one’ surprises again: “If I have to pick a trump, maybe I’ll say the last one. It is not the most important trophy I have won, but it is because of the dimension of joy it gave me and not only because it was the last, it is the Conference League won with Roma. I have to choose, I will say this. But there have been a lot of good things in my career, a lot of fantastic games to remember and it’s impossible to pick one or two.”

Regarding the worst memories, Mou shows that he has not forgotten some defeats: “There are also many bad memories, two lost Champions League semi-finals. On penalties, a Europa League final lost on penalties because the referee decided we couldn’t win. “There are also a lot of bad memories.”

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