Girls’ Basketball Team Dominates Boys’ League, Kicked Out of Championships Due to Gender Discrimination

A sixth-grade girls’ basketball team dominated an Ohio boys’ league – but then was kicked out of the championships because it might hurt the men’s feelings if they won, their coach told officials of the league.

Next Level Academy’s sixth-grade team was “left out” of Southwest Ohio Basketball’s end-of-season tournament – despite a 7-1 record – “due to the fact that they are girls”, the academy said in a Facebook post. .

“Il [the tournament director] “I was basically trying to keep the girls from playing in the game that they deserve to play in,” coach Erica Hallman told WCPO. “Our girls can compete with the boys any day of the week. Any day.”

One of the tournament directors had texted Hallman and Next Level Academy director Larry McGraw, allegedly telling them that the girls were absent because they “feared” that the boys “would get frustrated and retaliate against a girl” if they lost to the all-female tournament. team, “especially during the end-of-year tournament.”

“Throughout the season, a few teams have come to us about this and expressed concerns about it. For this reason, we have decided to keep them out of the tournament,” the text reads, according to the academy. “We also brought in three teams [Kentucky] playing against a team of girls and they listen to us a lot.

Next Level Academy’s sixth-grade team was “kicked” from the end-of-season Southwest Ohio basketball tournament — despite winning seven of its eight games — “due to because they are girls,” the academy said in a Facebook post. Next Level Academy

This is the second season the Hallman girls have played in the boys league. The coach, who herself has a strong basketball background, wants to “put them in a situation where they are going to be challenged,” she told the local media outlet.

The girls endured “laughter” and “jokes” from other players and coaches throughout the season, but still managed to win almost all of their matches. The only game they lost was by just a few points, Hallman said.

Hallman says they are discriminated against because they are tough competition and it’s not fair to the girls who worked hard to get a spot in the tournament.

Southwest Ohio Basketball, however, said Next Level Academy lied to them about the team being all-female — and that the team could compete in the women’s tournament after the league graciously let them finish the season. men’s league despite the “deception”. .”

“In November 2023, Next Level and Larry McGraw deceptively registered a girls team in the 6th grade boys league and under the gender listed as MALE. We entered them into the league assuming it was a boys team, as no roster was ever provided,” it said in a statement on its website.

The program also said it was “absolutely wrong” that girls were blocked because of their gender, but said it was a liability to have girls play out of fear that a player might retaliate if a team of girls won. Next Level Academy

“Several complaints from coaches and teams have been filed because of this deception. At this point, we allowed the team to complete the regular season schedule, but moved them to a women’s tournament at the end of the year.

He also said that their policy for 28 years has been “not to allow women’s teams to compete in men’s leagues.”

The program also said it was “absolutely false” that the girls were blocked because of their gender.

“They had the opportunity to play in the end of season tournament for 6th, 7th or even 8th grade girls, like all the other girls teams,” the release said. “There are two truths in all stories. SWOB stands by our decision because it places the safety of our children in a competitive environment at the top of our priorities.

The Post has contacted Next Level and Southwest Ohio Basketball for comment.

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