Gangwon Provincial University Launches Badminton and Bowling Sports Department with Founding Ceremony

The Gangwon Provincial University Badminton and Bowling Sports Department was officially launched with a founding ceremony on the 27th.

The bowling club was led by coach Myung-hwan Hyeon, a former youth national team leader, and was comprised of one female and four male members. The badminton team appointed former national team coach Choi Yun-hyuk as coach and consisted of four women.

At the founding ceremony on this day, a ceremony was held to hand over 20 million won in founding support funds to the Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province Sports Council and the Gangneung City Sports Council.

Gangwon Provincial University has been preparing for its founding, including selecting players and forming leaders, since the second half of last year. In addition to the women’s soccer team, which is a team sport, Gangwon Provincial University also has a bowling team (mixed) and a women’s badminton team, and has been reborn as a university to train professional athletes.

A professor at the Department of Leisure and Sports at Hyungguam University said, “We will do our best to revitalize local sports with the goal of reaching the semifinals of the National Sports Festival in the first year of our founding.”

Gangwon Provincial University President Kim Gwang-rae said, “We will spare no effort in cheering and supporting the bowling and badminton teams so that they can get back on track as soon as possible.”

The founding ceremony of the Gangwon Provincial University (President: Gwang-rae Kim) Sports Department (Badminton and Bowling) was held in the seminar room of the university headquarters on the 27th with Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province Chairman Kwon Hyeok-yeol, Provincial Sports Council President Yang Hee-gu, Gangneung City Sports Council President Kwon Young-man, as well as players and executives in attendance.

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