French Players Advance to Round of 16 in BWF Para-Badminton World Championships

SH6 (small players)

3/4 seed, Charles NOAKES (n°5) finished first in his group with two victories and thus reached the round of 16, in the same way as Maxime GREBOVAL (n°18), second in his own. Charles will face HATAKEYAMA (n°11, Japan), whom he has already beaten 3 times, while Maxime will play for the first time against the Chinese ZENG (n°17).

SL3 – SL4 – SU5 (standing players with lower or upper limb disabilities)


In men’s singles, Mathieu THOMAS (SL3), Lucas MAZUR (SL4) and Meril LOQUETTE (SU5) reach the eighths! However, it is over for Abdoullah AIT BELLA (SU5) and Guillaume GAILLY (SL4) in this table. On the SL3 side, Mathieu (n°7 and seeded 5/8) will meet the Thai Sangnil SINGHA (n°31) for the first time, just like the three-time World Champion, Lucas MAZUR (n°1), in SL4, who will also play his first confrontation against the Chinese GAO Yuyang (n°29). For Meril LOQUETTE (No. 5) the task will be more difficult, facing a player he knows well, world No. 2, Dheva ANRIMUSTHI (Indonesia). Among girls, Coraline BERGERON (n°11) finishes second in her group and will face the Chinese XIAO ZUXIAN (n°6) in the round of 16. Catherine NAUDIN, for her part, sees her journey stop in the pool. On the SL4 side we will inevitably have a Frenchwoman in quarters since Faustine NOEL (n°6) and Milena SURREAU (n°7) meet in the round of 16. If the first has already won twice in their direct confrontations, it is the second which won the last time, in August 2023. Lénaïg MORIN (n°9) will also have her card to play in the round of 16, against the Chinese CHENG He Fang (n°5). Finally, Maud LEFORT (seeded 3/4) finishes in first place in their group and automatically joins the quarter-finals.


In men’s doubles, Guillaume GAILLY et Mathieu THOMAS (n°5), seeded 5/6, finished the group stage with a balanced record (1 win / 1 loss) and reached the round of 16 where they will face the Iraqi duo, SHAREEF ALKHADDAM/ALASADI (n°11) for the first time . In women’s doubles, Catherine ENJOYED, associated with the Portuguese MONTEIRO, join directly the quarter-finals where they will be opposed to the favorites and reigning Champions, the Indonesians SADIYAH/OKTILA. Finally, the two French mixed teams entered in SL3-SU5 advance to the round of 16. Lucas MAZUR and Faustine NOEL (n°3) should not encounter any difficulties in the round of 16 against the Peruvian duo DE VINATEA ESTRADA/ROJAS GOLAC (n°24), while Meril LOQUETTE and Coraline BERGERON (n°9) will have a more difficult task, but far from impossible, against the Indians JOSHI/RAGUPATHI (n°6).

WH1 – WH2 (armchair players)

In WH1, Stephen DURAND (n°28) et David TOUPE (n°9) qualify for the round of 16 in singles, as do Thomas JAKOBS in WH2. Tomorrow, Stephen will face the Chinese YANG Tong (n°15) who leads 1 victory to 0 against the Frenchman. David, who finished first in his group, will join the Malaysian RAMLI (n°4) in the round of 16, for a match which promises to be thrilling. The Malaysian has already won 3 times against the Habs, compared to 2 victories for David. Finally, Thomas (n°6, seeded 5), also first in his group, will have a lot to do tomorrow against the German Rick Cornell HELLMANN (n°4, seeded 3/4), whom he has never beaten in 6 matches. In men’s doubles, the three Frenchmen will meet in the eighth since the duo JAKOBS/TOUPE (n°4) will be opposed to the pair DURAND/SIKORA (association between Stephen DURAND and a Czech player).

Find the program for Thursday 23/02 by clicking here.

Follow the matches live on Youtube, on the channel BWF TV or on that of the thai federation.

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