Ambitious The Answer: Allen Iverson Claims He Would Average 43 Points in Today’s NBA

In the monster family of the time which sees itself being even more monstrous today, we ask for the scorer. To be more precise, we ask Allen Iverson! The 2001 MVP was a guest on Shaquille O’Neal’s podcast and the latter asked him how many points he would shoot in today’s NBA. The answer ? 43 points. Ambitious The Answer.

If you follow the best YouTube channel in history aka TrashTalk, you should know about era comparisons. A big question came out about this and it’s clearly not easy. Allen Iverson also thinks he knows it and he said that with the current rules and spacing, he could score an average of 43 points per game. CALM.

Allen Iverson says he would average 43 points in today’s NBA ????

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“I lost the top scorer title to Kobe that year [en 2005-06, ndlr]. He was at 35 points on average, I was at 33. And I said to myself, if I played in this era where it’s very open… I was at 33, I’m going to go up to 43. 10 points more.”

All right. Like that it is said.

43 points average over a season, it would be the 3rd best all-time average after Wilt Chamberlain and 7 points more than James Harden’s 2018-19 season. 43 points on average over 82 games, it is almost absurd just to imagine such a possibility. However, is it really that absurd? In an NBA with so much space, very open penetration lines and the end of the hand-check mentioned by Shaq, is it possible ? For the main person concerned, yes and given AI’s scoring talent, we understand why he could say it. 4 times during his career, he exceeded 30 points on average with a peak of 33 points – at the time when the hand-check had already disappeared.

Today, the pace is much higher (10 more shots per game and per team than in 2005) and the number of 3-point shots even more (even if it was not the man’s specialty). This inflation could go hand in hand with an increase in the number of points from behind. So, with the current offensive explosion, we ask the question again, is this a reasonable target?

Reasonable, certainly not since even the best scorers of our generation have not exceeded an average of 36 points. But above all – even for the time – Allen Iverson was not a very efficient scorer! He was average at best with 101 TS+ (1% more efficient compared to the NBA average of 2005-06) during this famous season at 33 points per game. And at worst, it wasn’t effective at all. To compare, Harden is at 110 TS+ in 2018-19 and Joel Embiid is at 111 in the current year. In raw percentage, The Answer shot 44.7/32.3/81 over 43 minutes (!) per game in 2005-06. A timing which is anachronistic and necessarily pushes its number of points upwards.

If this is not reasonable, we can imagine that it would be possible but on one condition. It would take serious forcing from Allen Iverson to reach this mark. A forcing to make the biggest black holes in NBA history jealous. A forcing which would therefore necessarily have an impact on its effectiveness and that would not even be such a good idea collectively. However, it would be an incredible social experience to have… If anyone can hear us, show us a real-life NBA 2k career-style season!

If we can think that he abused with 43, there is no doubt that he would fight for the title of top scorer every year. In an NBA increasingly focused on attack, The Answer would undoubtedly be like a fish in water.

Source texte : The Big Podcast With Shaq

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