Fortaleza Defeats Undefeated Junior at Home in Historic Victory

Fortaleza received a visit from Junior at home, who then came into the match with an undefeated team without knowing defeat, after becoming champion against Medellín, that was purely for the League.

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However, from the first time, The ‘amix’ understood their role and above all they respectedr the house and struck the blow by defeating and beating the shark with a 2-0 result.

And, with several failed shots on goal, in one of those plays around the 9th minute, a man from the rival team finished and at that momentBrayan Ceballos, who wanted to deflect the ball, ended up touching it, converting then already opening the scoring at the Metropolitano de Techo.

Of course, despite the goal, they did not slow down their revolution, because they kept trying a thousand times, then having the opportunity to increase the score, but the goalkeeper of the Barranquilla team also did everything possible to avoid it.

For the second half, the dynamic was similar, Junior seemed unfocused and disorganized, which Fortaleza took advantage of very well to not settle and that’s it, With the match almost over, he scored the second of the afternoon.

In the 82nd minute, Nicolás Rodríguez excelled by having a golden opportunity, which he then converted with great consistency and confidence, thus sealing the historic victory for this team.

Even so, with the defeat, Junior remains partially the leader in the table of positions with 13 points, while Fortaleza placed third with 10 units.

2024-02-11 23:02:13
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