Female India Field Hockey Coach Speaks Out Against Sexism and Inequality in Indian Sports

India women’s field hockey coach Janneke Schopman of the Netherlands This Monday he denounced the sexist challenges and inequalities he faces compared to his male colleagues in the world of Indian sports.

Schopman stated, in an interview published by the Indian Express newspaper, that since her arrival in the Asian country to become the first woman to coach the Indian hockey team She has not felt “valued or respected” by some Hockey Federation workers.

The Olympic gold medalist in Beijing 2008 revealed that she had felt “very alone in the last two years” in the team’s decision-making and criticized the differential treatment suffered by the women’s team compared to the men’s team.

“I see the difference in how the men’s coaches are treated…between the men’s coach and myself, or the men’s and women’s team, in general,” Schopman said.

The Dutch coach thought about leaving the Federation after the Commonwealth Gamesheld last August in Trinidad and Tobago, despite the fact that his team had won the bronze medal.

“If you had asked my family, I should have left last year. In hindsight, I should have left after the Commonwealth Games because it was too difficult for me to manage,” he acknowledged.

The coach added that dealing with Indian officials is “very tough” due to the cultural differences she perceives between India and the Netherlands, a country “where women are respected and valued.”

“I feel like they don’t take me seriously”he asserted.

But despite the difficulties she has had to overcome since her arrival in the Asian country, the coach does not regret staying for her players.

“I love the girls and I see a lot of potential (…) I think they work very hard, they do what I ask of them, they want to learn, they want to do new things,” he said.

The coach also stated her desire to continue leading the women’s hockey team.

“For me, what’s really important is, ‘Can I do the work myself?’ but also do I have the support I need? Like I said girls are amazing. If they really have the support, then I think the Indian women’s team has a bright future“he concluded.

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