Federica Maggi Crowned Regional Archery Champion in Junior Category at 2024 Indoor Championship

With 527 points, the Matelica athlete Federica Maggi was crowned regional archery champion in the Junior category. The awards ceremony was held at the Monticelli sports hall in Ascoli at the end of the 2024 regional Indoor Championship, reserved for the Olympic division. Matelica was present with her archers association, she participated, as well as with Maggi, with the president Claudio Zamparini, Roberto Boni and Paolo Delpriori. The three men formed the Senior team, accompanied by the technical staff Mauro Ilari, Giuseppe Buzzanga, Elena Paoli and Alessandro Sabbatini. Not only that, Federica Maggi also won an overall individual silver in the overall head-to-head matches, giving up first place to her opponent from the Civitanova Company.

In the men’s field however, Claudio Zamparini ranked sixth with 529 points and Roberto Boni eighth with 521 points, while the team completed by Paolo Delpriori with 1,509 points won a coveted silver medal, finally reaching the overall clashes in teams and snatching a bronze medal, which will enrich the medal count of the Matelica team.

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2024-02-27 04:40:58
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