Exploring the Serie A2 Old Wild West – Day 3 Clock Phase: 10 Things You Need to Know

1. The 10 things to know (and that perhaps you didn’t know) about the Serie A2 Old Wild West – Day 3 clock phase

FORLÌ CLOSES IT IN THE SECOND HALF – In its progress through the clock, in addition to its untouched record (3/3), Forlì’s other characteristic is the crackdown on its defense in the second half. In fact, Martino’s team has always won the two sets after the break, with an overall margin of 14 points in the matches already archived against Rieti, Agrigento and Milan. The latest victim, held without field goals for 5’21” between the end of the third quarter and the start of the last. When Beverly scored a dunk, but only for -15, with less than five minutes to play. Among the executioners also a striking Davide Pascolo, with his first double-double of the season (11+10) obtained in just 16′ on the pitch.
CANTU’ ALWAYS AHEAD; BUT WITH A THRILL AT THE TAIL – In a match led for all 40 minutes, with a lead that even reached 16 points halfway through the second quarter, Cantù (without Moraschini) made its fans experience an unexpected ending. With undisputed merits of Nardò, able to recover from -10 in the 34th minute up to -3 thanks to two almost consecutive triples by Russ Smith (within 30”), only to then miss the one to equalize. Followed by a painful 0/2 by Maspero in free throws which would have earned -1 15″ from the siren.
BERTETTI’S 2024, WHICH SIGNS THE VIGEVANO ENTERPRISE – With D’Alessandro and Amici out and Smith back from flu, Elachem’s undertaking in Verona bears the signature of Gianmarco Bertetti (in the photo) who on the latest effort made by Tezenis (without Murphy) to get back into the race, rising from -13 to -5 halfway through the last fraction, hit two triples in just 28 seconds. For a new +11 leg cutter. Entering 2024, Bertetti (Biella product) is averaging 11.7 points per game, shooting 39% from 3, 84% from free throws and 4.3 assists.
VERONESI’S SECOND TRENTELLO – Second “30” of the season for Giovanni Veronesi, in the Assigeco success over Monferrato. Made in as many minutes on the field with 7/11 from 2, 3/7 from 3, 7/8 from free throws for an overall rating of 34. The precedent dates back to the match lost in Bologna against Fortitudo, when he scored the same points in 29′, but with an evening of grace from the arc (7/10) combined with a 3/3 both from 2 and free throws (and 31 evaluation). Fun fact: on both 30-point nights, Veronesi scored 17 in the first half and 13 in the second. In addition to these performances, his season features 4 other excursions over 20 points and, overall, 14 games of 15 or more points and 20 in double figures.
IN TRIESTE IT’S “BARBAMANIA” – In the complexity of the moment, without ever forgetting the absence of its best player, Justin Reyes (18.5+10.3 in the season), Pallacanestro Trieste is increasingly clinging to the solidity of “Barba”, alias Giovanni Vildera, leader of the comeback against Agrigento which had jumped to +13 at the start of the second quarter. Rekindling the discontent of PalaRubini. Having made the attack and overtaking, the third quarter of great substance by Vildera with 10 points (3/3 from 3 and 4/6 from free throws) and 4 fouls suffered, gave the energy up to the +13 which essentially put the game on ice competition.
ORZINUOVI AND ANOTHER THRILLER – The one against Sebastiani Rieti was the eighth race for Orzinuovi, out of 25 played (equal to 32%), which ended with a gap of between 1 and 2 points. The record is now 2 wins and 6 losses, 1-5 at home and 1-1 away. An incredible season, if you consider that Agribertocchi lost by one point against all the top 4 of the Red group: Verona, Forlì, Bologna and Udine. Against Rieti, when everyone was expecting a game for Jazz Johnson, the killer was Lorenzo Piccin who attacked Gasparin, making it 72-71 with a sort of difficult right half hook in the center of the area. On the possession in the attacking zone, following the timeout, Orzinuovi’s fatal fault was the 5-second infringement on a throw-in, at -1 with 4″ to go.
CLOCK, A FIRST ASSESSMENT – Three days of clock, it’s time for an initial assessment, considering only the 12 teams that have so far played 3 out of 3 matches, having had no matches postponed due to player commitments with their respective national teams. Below is the detail, taking into account that the teams in the Red group played 2 out of 3 home games; while those in the Green group had 1 internal match and 2 external matches. Red Group: Forlì 3 wins and 0 losses; UCC Piacenza, Nardò and Orzinuovi 2-1; Verona and Trieste 1-2. Green Group: Cantù, Real Sebastiani Rieti and Vigevano 2-1; Monferrato 1-2; Urania Milan and Agrigento 0-3.
RETURN TO THE FIELD FOR ALL – The next round on 2-3 March will see all 24 teams back on the field, after the last two days characterized by some postponements, due to players’ commitments in the FIBA ​​windows. Here is the detail of the days of waiting for the last match played, for the teams that will return to the field at the weekend: Latina 21 (last match on 11 February at Nardò, plays on Sunday 3 March against Trieste); Udine 20; Trapani, Treviglio, Luiss Roma and Cividale 15; Juvi Cremona, Fortitudo Bologna, Cento, Rimini and Chiusi 14; Turin 13.
SERIE A2 AND FIBA ​​WINDOWS, PERFORMANCE – Here is the summary of the performance of the Serie A2 players playing with their respective national teams in the FIBA ​​windows.
Ivan Alipiev (Bulgaria; Latina; FIBA ​​Eurobasket 2025 qualifiers) – 6 points in 16 minutes in Sweden (defeat); 1 point in 6 minutes vs Germany (win).
Carl Viktor Gaddefors (Sweden; Chiusi; FIBA ​​Eurobasket qualifier 2025) – 8 points and 9 rebounds in 33 minutes vs Bulgaria (win); 10 points and 8 rebounds in 33 minutes in Montenegro (defeat).
Marcos Delia (Argentina; Udine; FIBA ​​Americup qualifiers 2025) – 11 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists in 30 minutes vs Chile (win); 6 points in 23 minutes in Chile (defeat).
Lucio Redivo (Argentina; Cividale; FIBA ​​Americup qual. 2025) – 12 points and 4 assists in 22 minutes vs Chile (win); 0 points in 12 minutes in Chile (defeat).
Fabrizio Pugliatti (Venezuela; Trapani; FIBA ​​Americup qual. 2025) – Called up, he was not included in the scoresheet in the two matches against Colombia.
DeMario Mayfield (Iraq; Latina; 2025 FIBA ​​Asia Cup qualifiers) – 17 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists in 40 minutes vs Saudi Arabia (loss); second match tonight, Monday, vs Palestine.
Joseph Mobio (Ivory Coast; Trapani; FIBA ​​Afrobasket 2025 qualifiers) – 5 points and 9 rebounds in 25 minutes vs Madagascar (win); 4 points in 15 minutes vs. Central African Republic (victory); 7 points and 2 rebounds in 11 minutes vs Egypt (win).
Rei Pullazi (Albania; Trapani; FIBA ​​World Cup 2027 pre-qualifiers) – Called up, did not get on the scoresheet in the away match in Armenia.
Celis Taflaj (Albania; Fortitudo Bologna; FIBA ​​World Cup 2027 pre-qualifier) ​​– 6 points and 7 rebounds in 18 minutes in Armenia (defeat).
THE A2 SERIES RETURNS ON SUNDAY ON RAISPORT FOR A MARCH OF 4 LIVES – The appointment with the A2 Old Wild West Series returns on Sunday on RaiSport. With the interesting postponement between Elachem Vigevano and Flats Service Fortitudo Bologna, with a tap-off at 9.00 pm and live broadcast on Digital Terrestrial channel 58 and in simulcast on the RaiPlay platform, everything is clear. First appointment for a particularly rich month of March, with four live broadcasts in the space of 26 days: the match between Sella Cento and Moncada Energy Agrigento will follow on Friday 8th (8.45pm), followed by the Italian Cup Final from Rome on Sunday 17th (8.45pm) to close from Udine, Friday 29th, for Old Wild West Udine-Gruppo Mascio Treviglio (8.45pm). is an independent newspaper that does not receive any public funding. If you like our work and want to help us in our mission you can buy us a coffee by making a donation, we will be extremely grateful.

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