Dennis Schröder’s Sensational Announcement: A Championship Dream in Braunschweig

The sensational announcement from NBA star Dennis Schröder (30). During his surprise short visit to the cup finals in Munich, the basketball world champion revealed: “My big goal is to come to Braunschweig after my NBA career and win another championship in Braunschweig.”

Schröder comes from Braunschweig and is the main shareholder of the Basketball Lions. He even gave the club, for which he played from 2011 to 2013, his favorite colors black and gold as a new look.

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Lion boss Nils Mittmann (44) was also in Munich at the weekend and spoke to Schröder there. However, its announcement came as no surprise to Mittmann: “This is nothing new for me,” says the managing director. “We’ve talked about this a lot.”

Mittmann and Schröder regularly discuss developments at the Lions. Both used to play together on a team there. Since then there has been a close relationship of trust.

This is how the lion boss thinks about Dennis Schröder’s goals

“A championship is a noble goal,” says Mittmann. “It’s very ambitious, but I like that way of thinking. Dennis is someone who excels at formulating ambitious goals. And so far he has always kept his word…”

However, it is still completely unclear when Schröder will actually return to Germany. In the NBA, the MVP of the World Cup Finals was just traded from Toronto to the Brooklyn Nets. His $26 million (€24 million) contract runs until 2025. After that, Schröder will be hoping for at least one more lucrative offer in the NBA.

Basketball players celebrate title Bayern star drinks from the cup

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But the lions still need time so that Schröder’s dream can come true. “Of course we have to continue to professionalize and develop as a club,” says Mittmann. “In terms of structure and financial possibilities, we are currently still a bit away from competing for the championship.”

The club is currently in play-in place tenth in the Easycredit BBL – ahead of competitors like Oldenburg and Bamberg, who can spend far more money. The budget of top favorite Bayern Munich is currently a good six times as high as that of Braunschweig!

So a lot of work for Mittmann and the people of Braunschweig. Nevertheless, the boss emphasizes: “I’m really looking forward to this time.”

Because Schröder’s influence on the club cannot be measured in money anyway. Mittmann: “If Dennis comes to us, it will be extremely added value for us as an organization. If he brings his experience from the NBA, it will take us as an organization and the players to a new level. Because that’s what sets the Löwen Braunschweig apart: developing players.”

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