Czech Teen Renata Jamrichova Secures Victory at Junior Australian Open

Renata Jamrichova will long remember her victory in the final of the Junior Australian Open played at the legendary Rod Laver Arena.

The 16-year-old Czech player (785th), who defeated the French nugget Efremova in the quarter-finals, realized one of her biggest dreams by winning the most beautiful trophy of her very young career on the court where she saw her idol of always triumphing several times, a certain Roger Federer.

“I remember seeing Federer play here, I remember him playing the Australian Open so many times. My dream was to be there one day, to play at the same level as him, even though I know I will never reach that level (laughs). But for now, I’m happy to have played on the same court as him, it’s already something great. »

2024-02-01 13:41:00
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