Coupe de France: from Ibra’s strikes at PSG to unemployment, Rouen hero Léonard Aggoune has seen it all

“A sun in the locker room who always has a smile”, “a hot head”, “a unique and endearing character”… At 26, Léonard Aggoune, replacement goalkeeper for Rouen (National), willingly cultivates his different personality in the Rouen locker room, where he is unanimous. On February 8, in the round of 16 against Monaco, he transformed the penalty shootout into a one-man show with grimaces, big gestures, flailing arms and darting… If he ended up taking a yellow card to save time, he above all offered qualification (1-1, 6-5 in the tabs) to his team by removing the attempts of Balogun and Akliouche.

“Even though I’m funny and I like to have a good laugh in life, I don’t want to come across as a clown either,” he smiles. I just tried to play with the shooters, to test them and distract them. And it worked. » In euphoria, multi-colored bob on his head after having carried out a frantic sprint, he then blurted out on the field: “I am showing everyone who had doubted me that they should never doubt me…”


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