Conference Focusing on Women’s Sports to Fill Chapí Theater in Villena


Fill the Chapí theater with both basketball fans and sports fans in general, and women’s sports in particular. This is the objective of the conference organized at 7 p.m. with free admission

Amaya Valdemoro / Amaya Valdemoro


José Vilches, president of the V-74 basketball club of Villena, accompanied by the sports councilor Maite Gandía, have gone through the BE SPORTS program, telling us the details of the event, which brings to our City a great basketball player, who She has been through various leagues including the women’s NBA, the Turkish, the Russian and of course the Spanish, and is now one of the commentators for the first division of national basketball games on Movistar.

Taking advantage of the interview, we have previewed some of the events of the half-century that has already passed for our City’s basketball club, and which is not yet closed. There will be a day of coexistence, a book, a special edition of the 3 x3 tournament, the Generations tournament… and much more

Listen to the interview through the link on the Radio Villena SER website

Pepe Vilches and Maite Gandía / Radio Villena SER

2024-02-27 18:37:10
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