Celia Messi Reveals Lionel Messi’s Childhood Punishment in New Documentary

Celia Messi revealed what Lionel Messi’s worst punishment was during his childhood

Lionel Messi’s arrival in the United States brought with it a variety of new content about the life of one of the greatest soccer players in history. Thanks to the deals he closed with Apple TV+, a documentary about the Argentine’s conquest in the 2022 Qatar World Cup was released this week.

Last year, Lionel Andrés Messi made the decision to continue his soccer career in a young competition, such as Major League Soccer (MLS). The reason for this decision was that the United States would allow him to lead a quiet life, due to the little fanaticism there is in this sport compared to basketball, American football or baseball.

Furthermore, with his arrival a large number of businesses would open with his image. One of them was to achieve a percentage of new subscribers to the MLS Seasson Pass on Apple TV+, exclusive streaming where the games featuring the Rosario player with Las Garzas are broadcast.

In the run-up to the start of a new Inter Miami season, the platform decided to release Messi’s World Cup: The Rise of the Legend, in which images of the captain are seen in different settings during his stay in Doha. Some correspond to the concentration of the Argentine National Team, others to the locker room, also to the games that the footballers played to kill time and even the celebrations once he became champion.

Although not many users in the country have a subscription to Apple TV+, the social media accounts dedicated to the captain of the National Team shared different fragments of this new documentary that impressed the public with the number of unpublished scenes that occurred in the country. Arab.

But also, testimonies from his surroundings entered the documentary, such as footballers such as Ángel Di María and Rodrigo De Paul. But his relatives also appeared, such as his mother Celia, who stars in an old statement in which she gives details of what the Rosario’s early years were like. “Friends always said it was different. As he grew older, as he truly saw that he was a genius with the ball, I had to threaten him,” the woman introduced.

And then he told what the threat was about: “If he didn’t do his homework, his school things, he wasn’t going to go to practice, that was his worst punishment.” Luckily for him and for the history of football, Lionel Messi fulfilled his obligations and dedicated himself entirely to a difficult profession such as football. He made his debut at FC Barcelona, ​​where he came out of all the international competitions that were presented to him and was also the greatest reference for the Argentine National Team in recent years, with which he won the Copa América, the Finalissima and the World Cup. .

At 36 years old, Lionel Messi is going through the last years of his soccer career and this Wednesday he will return to action in Inter Miami’s match against Real Salt Lake for the first round of the MLS.

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