Brazilian Paralympic Judo Team Shines at Heidelberg Grand Prix with Six Medals

Brazil ends Heidelberg Paralympic Judo Grand Prix with six medals

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[South American Overseas Chinese News Network Compiled by Meng Xinzhu on February 21st]The Brazilian Paralympic Judo team won six medals at the Paralympic Judo Grand Prix held in Heidelberg, Germany last weekend: Arthur Silva and Wilians Araújo won two gold medals , Alana Maldonado, Brenda Freitas and Elielton Oliveira won three silver medals, and Rebeca Silva won a bronze medal.

The Heidelberg Grand Prix is ​​one of three events on the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) international circuit and is planned to be held before the next Paralympic Games (Paris, France). Other events will be held in Antalya (Turkey) in April and in Tbilisi (Georgia) in May.

“The German Championship is the oldest competition in Paralympic judo.” Arthur Silva from Rio Grande do Norte said he favors the J1 90kg (fully blind) athletes. He currently leads the world rankings in this category.

Another ranking leader is 32-year-old Wilians Araújo from Paraiba state, who is the current J1 heavyweight world champion (over 90 kg). “Our Brazilian team has won another gold medal and is very proud to represent this country,” said the athlete, who is in search of his first Paralympic gold medal in Paris.

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