“Boca needs a bigger stadium because the fans don’t come in”: one of the architects who plans a new Bombonera spoke

Without a doubt, one of the issues that has had an impact in recent days is related to the capacity of the Bombonera, since, although it is true, it has become too small.

Faced with this situation, the president of the Blue and gold spoke in an interesting one-on-one with colleagues from TNT Sports in a talk where he highlighted that Alberto José Armando is getting better and better.

“We, let’s see, would like to say that we are making a giant stadium of 200,000 people. But in life we ​​must not lie, we must tell the truth. The field has to be in the same place. If we move the field to Casa Amarilla, “We lose. We want to grow as a club, in other sports as well. If we can build our stadium where we are, we would be delighted,” he pointed out.

In this same scenario, he added that in his management they should try to carry out reforms in the same sector with the idea that more people enter and that the neighbors are also invited to stay. “La Bombonera does not move from here, the history of our club is lost. Alcaraz wine. Everyone wants to know La Bombonera. Hopefully we can make it new”he pointed out.

The truth is that there is a proposal in which its capacity would increase. A new project that had had little impact until now and in which the two half blocks would not be purchased as had traditionally been thought.

To talk about this interesting projection in the Boca world, in 442 we talk with Rodrigo Vidal, architect graduated from the UBA, with a master’s degree from Harvard and also with intense work in the United States, China, Europe, Argentina and other countries on the continent. He is the architect of an idea that draws a lot of attention to the club’s top leader.

“Boca needs a bigger stadium because the fans do not enter, neither do the members, so we have to find a solution. Today there are many proposals to build new venues, to abandon La Bombanera, to invade streets, to buy from the neighbors. So “What I did was a project where you don’t have to look for anyone and you don’t have to throw away the current one either. Everything is resolved within the property and is in total coincidence with what Riquelme wants.”held.

The expert highlighted that this project will include a master plan where work will be carried out to consolidate a multipurpose stadium for basketball and events with a capacity of close to 16,000 people. It would also have covered parking for 4,000 cars, shops, a hotel, and a pension in what would be the renovated complex.

Regarding the capacity of the new Bombonera, he assured: “The new field would have a capacity to hold 90,000 spectators and would be the largest in Argentina. With FIFA standards and they would also have covered stands.”he added.

Vidal also had time to refer to the stipulated time that this construction would take. “It will take 16 months, it is a fairly quick project for what it is. The idea is to make it faster. Later, the works on the master plan will be carried out, which are in parallel. When one part finishes, the other continues once it is complete. the finished field”he pointed.

Finally, he added that they are in the presentation stage of the project and that its development will essentially depend on the decision made. Riquelme together with his Board of Directors.


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