Bills Fans Celebrate Playoff Win Despite Winter Storm Challenges

Even though the winter was harsh on them, Buffalo football fans were able to put on their best smiles when they saw the Bills win their first playoff game on Monday, but the celebration period is already over and they will have still work to do.

Regular-season champions of the NFL East Division, the Bills had to wait an extra day before hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers due to a rather ferocious storm that left the city and surrounding areas under many centimeters of snow and strong winds. And if the bravest were able to enter Highmark Stadium to witness the local team’s 31-17 victory, it was thanks in particular to many fans who volunteered – for a fee of $20 the hour – to clear part of the stadium stands.

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However, in anticipation of the second round duel against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, people wishing to go to the scene can expect other surprises from Mother Nature. As some media outlets, including NBC, have indicated, a new storm will hit the city between now and the match, with this one expected to hit on Thursday; However, no snow accumulation is in the weather experts’ books for Sunday.

On the other hand, spectators could once again be asked by the Bills to clear snow from sections of the stadium which have been buried, even if nothing has been confirmed on this subject.

Next weekend’s matchup will be Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ first playoff game outside of Kansas City, aside from his Super Bowl games.

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