BG Göttingen Suffers Bitter Defeat in Basketball Bundesliga Match Against Herne

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    The most successful thrower in the BG 74: Alice Marie Therese Bremer has her eyes on the opposing basket. © AT da Silva/gsd

    Göttingen – The medical instinct Veilchen BG 74 Göttingen suffered a very bitter 59:77 (26:48) defeat in the Basketball Bundesliga against Herner TC in front of 400 spectators and now have to worry about staying in the league, as the Herner women are now tied on points won a direct comparison and dropped the Göttingen team to relegation place eleven.

    The violets won the first leg 74:64.

    It was the damned last five minutes in the second quarter that pulled the hosts’ teeth out. During this time, the guests hit almost every throw, whereas hardly any of the violets’ throws landed in the generic basket. Three three-pointers at 24:38, 24:41 and 24:46 from BG 74’s perspective brought Herne up to 22 points. Another two and Herne went into the half-time break with a reassuring 24-point cushion.

    Above all, the BGers did not have Paige Elizabeth Robinson under control; the American had already scored 16 points at this point, added another ten points after the substitution and was the top scorer in this game with 26 points.

    “We played with too little energy in the first half and we were weak in rebounding. We also allowed Herne too many open throws,” BG 74 coach Ruzica Dzankic was close to despair, having rarely seen such a weak half this season as these first 20 minutes.

    Although the Göttingen women showed in the third (16:16) and last quarter (17:13) that they could have done better against the Hern women, Dzankic also said that there might have been a little fear among their players. Or were they unable to cope with the pressure that a win would have ensured their survival in the league? In any case, no player came close to her maximum performance.

    BG 74: Waters 3, Klescova 4, M. Oevermann, J. Crowder 7, Maeda 10/2 Dreier, Kretschmar 1, Karambatsa, Wenke 2, Bremer 17, Lewis 15.

    Herne’s best throwers: Robinson 26, Zolper 13. gsd

    By Walter Gleitze

    2024-02-28 22:28:04
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