Belgian Judokas Face Controversial Refereeing at Competition

The Brussels resident laughed after greeting his opponent.

What happened (again)? Toma attacked the Dutchman’s arm, which the referees deemed dangerous and, therefore, illegal. Previously, the Brussels resident had dispatched the Dane Madsen (24 years old/n°28), tackling him to the ground twice in thirty seconds.

In -90 kg, Sami Chouchi also suffered the wrath of the refereeing, which no one understands anymore, against Azeri Fatiyev (25 years old/n°19).

After a first penalty addressed to Sami for leaving the tatami, the two judokas were sanctioned for non-compliant guarding.

Then, the Brussels resident was inflicted with a third penalty, fatal, for an illegal exit (?) while he attempted a movement. Incomprehensible!

Still in -90 kg, Karel Foubert logically lost to the Bulgarian Ivanov (29 years old/n°17).

Sad Sunday day for the Belgians…

2024-02-18 13:26:56
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