Assessing Basketball Skills: A Guide to Evaluating Student Performance Levels

Evaluation Criteria Performance Levels Excellent Good Acceptable Low Theoretical knowledge The student shows a deep understanding of the concepts and rules of basketball, and can explain them correctly. The student demonstrates a good command of the concepts and rules of basketball, and applies them effectively. The student has a basic knowledge of the concepts and rules of basketball, but may present some difficulties when applying them. The student shows limited knowledge of basketball concepts and rules, and has difficulty applying them correctly. Technical Skills The student executes the technical skills of basketball accurately and fluidly, displaying a high level of skill. The student correctly performs the technical skills of basketball, although there may be some inconsistencies. The student shows a basic level of execution of technical basketball skills, but may make some errors. The student has difficulty correctly executing the technical skills of basketball. Participation in the game The student actively participates in the game, showing an excellent understanding of the strategies and making correct decisions. The student participates effectively in the game, applying the learned strategies and making appropriate decisions in most situations. The student participates in the game in a limited way, showing difficulties in applying strategies and making timely decisions. The student has minimal participation in the game and shows difficulties in applying strategies and making decisions. Diversity in the game The student shows an inclusive and respectful attitude towards all playing partners, valuing and celebrating their multiple dimensions. The student demonstrates the ability to recognize and value individual and group differences, fostering an inclusive learning environment. The student shows some sensitivity towards diversity, but may have difficulty creating a truly inclusive environment. The student shows little attention to diversity and may present exclusive attitudes or indifference towards some classmates. Gender Equity The student actively promotes equal opportunities and dismantles gender stereotypes in basketball, creating an inclusive environment for all. The student recognizes the importance of gender equality in basketball and strives to promote it in his or her participation and treatment of others. The student shows some understanding of gender equity, but may have difficulty applying it consistently. The student has little awareness of gender equality and may show attitudes or behaviors that reinforce stereotypes or inequalities. Inclusion of students with special educational needs The student takes active and concrete measures to ensure the full participation of all students, adapting activities according to individual needs. The student shows a willingness to include students with special educational needs, looking for ways to facilitate their participation and adapting activities to some extent. The student recognizes the importance of inclusion, but may have difficulty implementing effective strategies that meet the needs of all students. The student shows little attention to inclusion and may ignore or exclude students with special educational needs.

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