Argentine Tennis Player Scores “Point of the Year” at Piracicaba Challenger

The “score of the year” scored by an Argentine player

Hernán Casanova is one of the tennis workers. One of those players who fights week after week to be able to grow within the circuit. Surely what was done during the last hours at the Piracicaba Challenger will be a pampering to the soul of all that effort: the Argentine signed a move that was already proposed to fight for the battle for the best point of the year.

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The round of 16 match in the Brazilian competition divided one set per side with the first 6-2 for the South American and 6-1 the second for the Italian Gianluca Mager (29 years old). Parity reached the third, which with a 6-6 lead to the tiebreak that had the European at that time 3-2 up.

The current 263rd in the world executed his service and took control of the pulse of the point. He made the Argentine run from side to side, until with a subtle touch from the net he caught him on the back of his leg. Casanova, 29, seemed to miss the ball. But after that, he only thought about throwing himself headlong backwards while his body slid to the other side and took out a balloon from the ground that pierced the head of his rival. The score became 3-3.

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The official account of the Challenger circuit replicated the video and defined the movement as “absolutely absurd.” That scene was also shared by the official Spanish profile of the ATP Tour, from where they did not hesitate: “Madness. Perfect candidate of the year at the ATP Challenger!”

The ATP post after the Argentine Hernán Casanova’s point

Casanova battled until the end, but ended up losing that game 7-4 in the tie break after a match that required more than two hours of action in the Brazilian city of Piracicaba, located in the municipality of Sao Paulo. He had started his path in this Challenger with a victory over his compatriot Gonzalo Villanueva (6-2 and 6-4).

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The Argentine tennis player today is 389th in the ATP ranking, but at the end of 2022 he reached his best position to be 221st. That year he had received a reward for his fight when, after fighting for a long time in different qualys, he managed to overcome the ATP 250 in Kitzbuhel and managed to debut in the main draw of a tournament at the highest level of the circuit, even though he finally He fell in that duel against the local Jurij Rodionov.

In Piracicaba, there are still chances of Argentinian celebrations with two albicelestes: Federico Coria (31 years old, 103rd) will clash in the quarterfinals against the Italian Mager – who reached 62nd in the ranking in 2021 – and Camilo Ugo Carabelli (24 years old, 149°) will look for his ticket to the semifinals against the Swiss Kilian Feldbausch (18 years old, 452°).

During 2023, in the first edition of this tournament in Brazilian territory, the Argentine Andrea Collarini was crowned champion after defeating the Chilean Tomás Barrios in the final (6-2 and 7-6).

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