Ántero Freed Villalobos: Paralympic Athlete Recognized by Diario Viral


Paralympic athlete will be recognized by Diario Viral

Ántero Freed Villalobos is an elite athlete, he graduated from the U. San Pablo in Law, he has a law degree. He shows that there are no obstacles to achieving goals

The Arequipa international judoka Ántero Freed Villalobos Corrales is an elite parathlete, he brought countless medals to Peru, he is an example to follow for his discipline, his effort and his ability to overcome obstacles. Juice is the sport he loves and his J1 visual disability (total blindness) was one more boost that will allow him to attend the XVII Paralympic Games in Paris 2024, which is why his presence at the award ceremony for the Best Athlete of 2023 was essential. , organized by Diario Viral. Event that will take place on March 15 from 1:00 p.m. at the Arequipa Coliseum.

“In principle, I want to thank Diario Viral for considering me in the recognition ceremony that will be held for the Best Athletes, being an important incentive for me to practice my favorite sport and which has allowed me to show my sporting quality in different countries,” said Mistiano Villalobos Corrales.

Along with him, para-athletes from other disciplines such as table tennis and athletics will also be recognized for obtaining important awards for the region and deserve to receive recognition from our journalistic house and from the people attending the Arequipa Coliseum.

Ántero Freed Villalobos Corrales was the Peruvian parathlete who participated in the IBSA World Judo Championship that took place in the city of Odivelas, Portugal, in 2018. On that occasion he did so in the 81 kilo category, but currently he competes in less 73 kilos.

The outstanding judoka Mistiano is a national judo champion, also a medalist in the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games, a participant in the Tokyo Paralympic Games, as well as in different tournaments in Europe, South America, he is currently undergoing demanding training in Lima, under the direction of his Arequipa coach Jesús Gavidia Mendoza.

SEEK A GOLD MEDAL IN PARIS 2024 OLYMPICS. In the interview that Diario Viral had with Villalobos Corrales he indicated that he trains in two shifts, in the morning and in the afternoons to achieve his best technical level that allows him to be in the Paris Paralympic Games that must be held between mid-August and the first fortnight. of September.

“My wish is to have the support of national businessmen to finance the tickets to Paris and the expenses of stay and to seek a medal for Peru, which is my main objective and for which I am preparing intensely,” said the judoka

Freed Villalobos Corrales’ visual disability occurred since birth due to poor manipulation of his eyes and despite undergoing surgery, he was unable to recover his vision, but he assures that a disability is not an inability to overcome the obstacles that life to achieve your goals.

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