24 Hours of TAA Archery Takes Center Stage in Castelginest

Archery will be in the spotlight this weekend in the town of Castelginest.

It is on Saturday February 24 at 12 p.m. that the 24 hours of TAA archery in Castelginest will kick off, a first in Haute Garonne.

For 24 hours, archers from different towns around Toulouse will be grouped in teams of 3 and will compete on the shooting range. Beyond the challenge and the competition, this meeting is intended to be “above all friendly and convivial”, as the members of the organizing team can define it.

“It’s a moment of relaxation and sharing around a sport that brings us together.” This marathon will end on Sunday 25th around noon with the traditional awards ceremony.

There is no doubt that many spectators should come to watch the athletes during these 24 hours at the Castelginest Gymnasium.

2024-02-21 04:10:00
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